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Reaching new heights on the road to recovery

It’s often said that the best things in life are free — like the smell of a pine forest after the rain, a sprinkle of stars sparkling in the night sky, an achievement that was only once a dream.

Sarah Connolly has seen how life’s freebies have helped “soothe the savage breast” in teens as they face their addictions and forge a new path in life. Connolly, who is Portage Elora’s new Outward Bound coordinator, is working with youth 14 to 18 to help them on their way.

“Adventure and nature are often used as part of a metaphor for the recovery journey in the lives of the youth at Portage,” she wrote to the Fresh Air Fund, which has supported Portage’s summer camp since 2007. Outward Bound recently joined forces with the Portage Elora Ontario rehabilitation centre, providing adventure programs for the young people who reside there. The 52-bed treatment centre helps teenaged addicts transform their lives. One way is by pushing their boundaries.

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