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Ten teenagers from Portage drugs rehabilitation centre obtain high school diploma

Issues with self-esteem, peer pressure and the availability of drugs and alcohol tend to be the main reason which leads kids who come at the Portage into falling into the trap of drug usage. The Portage Academy welcomes 32 students every year who spend the week at the facility while spending the weekend at their parents’ home. The program includes full academic takeover by the three teachers of the institution as well as a drug addiction therapy conducted by the program manager, the facility director and eight case workers.

“The kids that come into the Portage program tend to be smart for their own good. They find themselves bored in regular school. They don’t fit in the box in the regular school programs so they find other means of entertainment and their other means of entertainment have got them in a very deep hole,” said head teacher of Portage Academy Dave Walker.

The graduation ceremony was marked by a heart-warming speech by the valedictorian student of the 2012 graduating class, Luna del Buey from Kirkland. Emotion was in the air as parents, teachers and fellow students listened to del Buey speak of the difficult path to sobriety after four difficult years of drug usage that included acid, marijuana, crack, black tar heroin and various kinds of pills consumption.

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