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ANALYSIS: Federal crime bill, C-10, will affect Quebec’s distinct approach to young offenders

After a week, he was transferred to Le Portage, one of three drug rehabilitation centres in Quebec. The therapy was torture at the beginning. “Talking about your feelings, that’s not me,” said Peter. “When I started, I didn’t take anything seriously. All you’re doing is talking about yourself. I found it harder than jail.”

After eight months of intensive group and individual therapy, Peter went home. “It was hard getting used to going to school again. I had stopped for two years. At first, I got 90s and 80s, then my marks started to slide because I wasn’t used to the pace. Now, I’m doing better.”

Peter said his therapy helped him with his anger. “I’m not angry all the time now. I appreciate the little things. I have tools to help me understand the anger, what triggers it, how to control it. When I feel angry, I breathe and I think about what I’m doing. I’m not really an angry person.”

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