Fête de la reconnaissance été


Cassidy Lake, NB, October 2, 2016 – Portage Atlantic hosted its twentieth Annual Recognition Ceremony today with over 350 guests in attendance at its drug addiction rehabilitation centre on the shores of Cassidy Lake.  26 youth were recognised for either completing the residential phase of their rehabilitation treatment program, or for having maintained a positive lifestyle since they graduated a year ago.


A landmark Recognition Ceremony, Portage Atlantic’s 20th anniversary was also celebrated at the event. “Looking back with gratitude – Looking forward with hope” was the theme of this year’s event, highlighting Portage Atlantic’s two decades of history as well as its new graduates who are now looking to the future with the tools and confidence to live a positive lifestyle.  Many special guests attended the event including alumni of the program from the past twenty years.  The keynote speaker was Josh Milburn, one of the first graduates of the program in 1998, who shared a message of gratitude and hope with the graduates and other attendees.


“Portage Atlantic has changed my life and has allowed me to attain the serenity and happiness I have today,” said Josh, who spoke at the event. Now 38 years old, Josh and all the other past graduates were an inspiration to the 2016 graduates and the youth currently in treatment.


“Recognition Day is an emotional and exciting event for the youth and families who have been supported by the Portage program at Cassidy Lake,” said Dr. Russell H. T. King, Chairman of Portage Atlantic. “Today, we’re celebrating Portage Atlantic’s 20th anniversary, but most importantly, we’re celebrating the 2,000 youth who have come through our doors with the goal of turning their lives around over the past two decades.”


At the heart of today’s momentous gathering were the young men and women who have worked diligently to overcome drug addiction and take back control of their lives; an accomplishment that takes an incredible amount of courage and determination.


About Portage Atlantic

Portage Atlantic operates a residential treatment facility for youth between the ages of 14 and 21 with serious substance abuse problems.  The bilingual program is based on the therapeutic community approach which, through positive peer role modelling, helps residents to build their self-esteem and learn how to better handle life’s challenges without resorting to drug abuse.  Portage is accredited by Accreditation Canada.