On February 14, 2018, Portage Atlantic youth and staff gathered in the onsite theatre. Kathie Rodger, the director, expressed that the Metamorphosis Day celebration relates to the transformation that residents undergo while in therapy. She is proud of each youth who made the decision to come to Portage Atlantic to overcome their dependencies. Her message to residents was one of hope, that they may accept the tools the Portage program offers, all tailored to meet their individual needs, and that they continue working with the peer-to-peer community and the caring staff members.

The Program Managers, Luc Desjardins and Katrina Schwetz, spoke about how they came to be at Portage Atlantic and how the services and the site evolved during the last 20+ years.

Youth from both communities felt encouraged to share their individual experiences with substance abuse-related problems, their feelings about the Portage program and their present-day achievements in dealing with the hurdles they face.

The celebration then moved outdoors with everyone walking a small portion of the Portage Atlantic Recovery Trail. Youth sat around a warm bonfire and continued to share personal stories. They all enjoyed a barbecue lunch – a delicious winter picnic!

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