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The Portage Saint-Malachie Centre is offering its young residents new opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities thanks to a joint initiative launched with Projet Odyssée Aventures this summer.


Residents of the Saint-Malachie Centre in Québec are reaping the benefits of a very successful collaborative effort between Portage and Projet Odyssée Aventures. The Saint-Malachie Centre had long aimed to offer year-round outdoor activities in conjunction with its treatment program. The partnership between the two organizations was a natural fit since both share a similar philosophy: give youth an opportunity to enjoy nature, apply a pedagogical approach and involve youth in the process.

It wasn’t long before the first outdoor activity was underway at the Trois Saumons camp in St‑Aubert, near l’Islet. The outing included two days of activities and one overnight stay. Participants went canoeing, climbing and hiking, learned outdoor survival skills and helped cook meals over a campfire.

The outing was a success and the residents truly enjoyed themselves, two more reasons to provide further outdoor activities going forward. Portage is proud to work with its partners to offer residents an opportunity to connect with nature and live a healthier lifestyle.


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