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Read about what's going on at the Portage Ontario substance abuse rehabilitation centre in Elora, Ontario.

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How Family Services empower loved ones to play an active role in the recovery process

One person’s addiction affects many more than that one person. Parents often feel helpless and guilty in the face of a child’s addiction,...
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Portage helps to raise awareness about prescription medication abuse among youth

  One out of eight adolescents has admitted to using prescription medication Many youth mistakenly believe that prescription drugs are safer than illegal...
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Mental Health Week – Mental illness and drug addiction: Portage addresses the harmful mix

Montréal, May 7 2014 – Throughout Mental Health Week, Portage is seeking to raise awareness about the co-occurrence of mental health problems and...
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Jesse’s story of overcoming his addiction issues at Portage Elora

“When I was drunk I would try anything,” says Jesse of his torturous years of drug addiction. At the tender age of 11,...
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Aftercare at Portage Ontario: Life after rehab

The residential phase of Portage’s drug addiction rehabilitation program is a time of intense work and profound learning, as residents build their self-esteem...
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Aftercare: Working to better leverage community services to respond to client needs

Reintegrating back into everyday life is often the most vulnerable point in an addict’s recovery, as new values, behaviours, and attitudes are put...
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Open Letter: Addiction and Mental Health

During National Addictions Awareness Week, which runs from November 18 to 24, Portage is seeking to raise awareness about the co-occurrence of mental...
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Ontario youth recognised for success overcoming addiction

Elora, Ontario, November 19, 2013 – Thirty-five youth from across Ontario returned to Portage Elora on Sunday to kick off National Addictions Awareness...
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Daniel’s story from addiction to recovery at Portage Elora

At the Portage Ontario Fresh Start event this fall, Daniel bravely stood in front of two hundred strangers to tell them about the...