Portage Ontario Youth Treatment Fund    $200,000


In Ontario, there are long waiting lists for the residential treatment beds that are funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health. The Portage Ontario Treatment Fund covers the incremental cost of making available an extra eight treatment beds.  This is possible because the majority of Portage’s fixed operating costs (i.e. rent, heat and hydro) are already covered.  The fund is used to cover the cost of additional staff, food, and incidentals for the extra clients. As a result of this fund, an additional 24 youth and their families, will have the chance to change their lives at Portage this year.


Continuing Care and Family Program    $40,000

The Continuing Care and Family program provides up to 18 months of post residential care for the young person and the family. The program involves visits to the family home, regular group sessions for youth, and groups for parents of youth in the program. The program also provides opportunities for youth to return to Portage for “Back-in-Touch” sessions. These program offerings will help families rebuild relationships and will nsure the long-term benefits of the Portage Program. 


Outward Bound Program    $60,000

Wilderness programming gives participants the opportunity to affirm their personal growth and development.  It is a chance to push limits and test newly learned skills in a different and challenging setting.  Portage Elora has expanded its partnership with Outward Bound Canada to provide year round programming. A full-time Outward Bound instructor is now on-site in Elora working with the Portage clinical team to enhance the way shared program values such as fair play, teamwork, persistence, and perseverance are embedded in the day-to-day activities.  The Outward Bound instructor also helps participants prepare for, and then leads them on one-week long Outward Bound expeditions.  The expeditions include camping, hiking, canoeing or dog sledding (depending on season), rock climbing, and high ropes challenges.  


New Program Needs & Enhancements $100,000


In addition to the proceeding Table of Needs, the 2012-13 Portage Ontario Annual Campaign will seek a minimum of $100,000 to support the development and/or continuation of a number of new initiatives that arise from the Portage Strategic Plan.  These projects and programs, as outlined below, will be developed collaboratively with the National Office and with the other regions as appropriate.

  • Volunteer & Community Engagement Program 

Portage Elora was recently awarded a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) to develop a pilot Volunteer and Community Engagement Program. This investment will enable Portage to enhance its program offering and, at the same time, create new opportunities for volunteerism in the community.  Clients will benefit from enhanced program offerings, such as tutoring, career mentoring, gardening, yoga, athletics, outdoor education, personal financial management, music and socio-cultural programming that will enrich their experience at Portage. In addition to the learning and mentorship benefits, youth will also gain first-hand experience as volunteers making positive contributions in the local community – building core skills such as self-esteem.

  • Satellite Pre & Post Care Program Partnerships 

The Portage Continuum of Care model entails partnering with other agencies serving youth in the community in the delivery of pre and post treatment services for clients.  There are numerous communities where it would make sense, due to client numbers, for Portage to have access to an office and a meeting room space where staff can conduct client and family interviews, complete intake assessments, and conduct individual and group counselling sessions. This program will look to establish and enhance partnerships with community agencies that will improve Portage’s ability to deliver a full continuum of care for clients and their families.

  • Video Conference System 

Videoconferencing solutions are needed to improve health care for clients who live in remote communities – before, during, and after residential treatment.  Teleconferencing can be used for initial admissions interviews and assessment of clients who can’t reasonably travel to Elora.  Once in residence the technology can be used to enhance shared care and case conferencing with parents and with other medical and addictions support workers from the home community.  After treatment it will enable clients to link back into Elora for ongoing individual and possibly even group therapy sessions.  This system will improve treatment outcomes, save travel costs, and increase efficiency of the continuing care and family support team.


For more information or to make a donation, please contact the Portage Ontario Foundation.

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