Every year, the Portage Ontario Foundation organises a number of fundraising and awareness-building activities to meet the growing needs of the Portage Elora drug addiction rehabilitation treatment centre for youth.

By participating in one of our fundraising events or activities, you are helping Portage Ontario support the many young people at the Elora centre who are striving to overcome substance abuse.

  • Fresh Start

    • Portage Ontario’s Fresh Start Dinner & Auction seeks to raise awareness and funds for the Portage Ontario Youth Treatment Fund, which provides access to the Portage Elora drug addiction treatment centre to youth in need.


  • Awareness Evenings

    • Portage Governors have hosted Awareness Evenings, bringing together parents, educators, healthcare providers, and business professionals to raise awareness about how the Portage Elora drug addiction rehabilitation centre is helping Ontario youth in crisis overcome their substance abuse problems.


  • Cornerstone 52 Foundation Events

    • Portage Ontario had been selected as a beneficiary of an annual fundraising event organised by the Cornerstone 52 Foundation, which featured a group called "Classic Albums Live" performing various well-known and well-loved music albums.


  • Hit the Bricks

    • Hit the Bricks was an awareness and fundraising event put on by Portage Ontario and Outward Bound. A family-oriented adventure festival, it offered plenty of opportunities for personal challenge and fun adventures. Proceeds from the event help teens and families in crisis to overcome addiction and mental health issues through the expansion of the Portage-Outward Bound Program.

For more information, please contact the Portage Ontario Foundation.

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