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Portage Beaconsfield has hosted a number of visitors this past fall. During these visits, staff members and residents explain how the rehabilitation program works within the therapeutic community and take guests on tours where they have a chance to interact with the residents and hear their stories.

One such visit was by five high school teachers from England, who were on a teacher exchange program with Westwood Senior in Hudson, Québec. During their visit they learned about the on-site school programming at Portage and how the therapeutic community facilitates the learning process. At the end of the day, a resident in treatment spoke to the visitors about her transition from Westwood Senior to Portage. The teachers from England were all very impressed by the program.

Portage Beaconsfield also welcomed the Montréal Children’s Hospital’s Chief of Psychiatry, Dr. Gauthier, for a site visit this fall, along with Dr. Hetu, who has been assigned to the Portage Beaconsfield Program. Dr. Gauthier had recently spoken with a colleague whose patient’s self-esteem had increased tremendously because of his treatment at Portage. During his visit, a few residents spoke to Dr. Gauthier about their experiences and about how Portage has helped them to overcome their substance abuse issues and to believe in themselves. Dr. Gauthier praised the program to the staff members and expressed his desire to further a working partnership between the Children’s Hospital and Portage.

Other recent visitors include a group of veterans on Remembrance Day and a group from the Kiwanis volunteer organisation, who made a presentation to the residents and a donation to the centre.


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