About Portage


Valin Confection, a Québec City designer, invited a few Portage-Québec clients into their shop and tailor-made each of them a new suit, so that they could feel confident and make a good impression at their upcoming job interviews.

Portage’s centre in Québec City provides an external drug addiction rehabilitation program for adults, as well as an employment training program. Clients often participate in both programs one after the other, in order to prepare themselves to return to the workforce and once again become active members of society.

As Valin Confection’s advertising campaign explains, employers are often hesitant to hire former drug addicts.  The purpose of the campaign was to help change employer’s perceptions, and to do this, Valin gave six tailor-made suits to Portage clients, to help give them the confidence and dignity they needed to succeed in their job interviews.

As a result, each of them got a job in their field.

“I don’t feel like I have to hide anymore,” explains one of the newly-hired Portage clients. “It’s a feeling of freedom, pride, and accomplishment,” states another.

Click here to watch the inspiring video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUytBFcHzHo

Portage would like to once again express its heartfelt thanks to Valin Confection for their generosity, and its congratulations to Lg2 and Nova Film, who collaborated on the production of this touching and inspiring campaign.