About Portage


Les paroles ci-dessous ont été écrites par Tyler, un usager de quinze ans de Portage Atlantique.  Il espère que la chanson aidera d’autres jeunes à mieux comprendre la vie quotidienne au centre de réadaptation en toxicomanie de Portage, à Cassidy Lake.

Portage Atlantic,
A wonderful place to be,
a place where you won’t feel depressed or manic,
 anyone is welcome, and the help’s for free.
In here your parents don’t need to worry or panic,
You’re in good care, so follow me.
We got a big lake and beautiful trees
Even got a library if you like to read.
The meals are served hot and fresh, not cold and grimy,
 like a plate of year-old wet seaweed.
Our chef’s food will torture your taste buds as you feed,
But don’t go belly, you came here to work on your greed.
Do what’s asked of you, and it’s a guarantee,
That your hard work will pay off, and you will succeed.
So come on in ladies and gents, in like a stampede.
We all came to get fit, mentally 
And physically.
To get healthy takes hard work,
That’s a given folks, trust me.
There’s a gym to burn away stress,
but when you’re done be sure to clean your mess.
Especially the boys favourite, the one and only bench press,
that’s where responsibility jumps in, nevertheless. 
Then there’s your cleanups, which aren’t just for working, but a time to confess,
to all the things in life you’ve done, buried feelings and pains that made you so depressed.
Sharing will help you out a lot more than you think, it won’t do less.
Did I mention the rooms supplied for our rest?
No? Well let’s just say my room is the coziest place I’ve ever slept.
My side of the room is my personal little nest.
The roommates are nice and respectful, not a bunch of drug feeding pests.
So come on in and visit, I promise you’ll feel blessed.
Portage saves lives,
It’s been proven.
So get out of your lay-z-boy, drop the drugs, and get moving
to a miraculous resort, that promotes happiness and grooving,
to go to sleep sober at night, will feel so soothing,
That’s what Portage has to offer, I know it’s great!
Come sit down at the table and grab yourself a plate,
because it’s time to gain a little more weight.
Here’s a cup of juice, hold on, just wait.
Tonight’s tossed salad, corn, and Chef Carla’s specially-made steak.
You’re meant to be here Soldier, it’s true fate.
Or you could be out picking through garbage cans,
suffering in an addiction, pain, and hunger earthquake,
Come on in to Portage son, start a new slate,
 Please give your soul a break,
but let me remind you though,
It isn’t no piece of cake.
To do good in this place requires patience, and by the way,
You won’t get nowhere in here being underground or fake.
Getting away with it won’t help you,
because being blind to responsibility is a brutal mistake.
Open your eyes to your future goals, just be aware and awake.
But don’t use this facility as a ‘get out of jail free card’,
Because life never gives when all you do is take.