About Portage


This coming spring, two young men who have recently completed the residential phase of their rehabilitation treatment at Portage Keremeos will be taking part in the Southern Interior Construction Association (SICA) training program.

The sixteen week-long program will give them theoretical and practical working knowledge of a number of different trades, to help them narrow down their plans for what type of career they would like to pursue.

Along with an overview of all trades, participants will attend safety training workshops, a workplace hazardous industrial materials course, and a first aid course, which they can add to their resumes. They will get a sense of what a career in each trade would be like, and will learn about the next steps they must take to become qualified for their chosen trade.

The two Portage Keremeos participants went through an hour-long interview before being accepted to the program.  They credit the tools and competencies that they learned while in treatment with helping them through the application process and with better preparing them to participate in the SICA program.