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In early October, Portage Cassidy Lake staff members underwent a day-long training session of group meetings and orientation procedures to help them better understand the new resident’s perspective.

Led by Unit Manager Luc Desjardins, the training session featured workshops on feelings management and role playing, among others. In one exercise, participants were asked to create a portfolio, as all new residents do, expressing themselves through images and words.

The training session helped the counsellors at Cassidy Lake to become better acquainted with one another and with the overall experience of a new resident. Participants agreed that the feelings management group was particularly valuable, as it generated many new ideas that will be developed to improve resident outcomes. The exercises also helped staff members ensure consistency in their approaches to treatment and problem-solving.

A 30-page orientation booklet was introduced at the training session. It will help new residents adjust to the Portage environment and to their responsibilities at Cassidy Lake.

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