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The Montréal Fundraising Campaign is well underway

The Portage Foundation is pleased to report that the Montréal region’s fundraising campaign is right on track. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Montréal Campaign Committee and the generosity of our donors, the campaign has already made it to 95% of its goal. With such encouraging results so far, and the support from a dynamic team, the Portage Foundation is confident that we will reach our goal and the campaign will conclude successfully on May 31st.

From left to right: Michel Décary, Céline Pilote, Magdy Fahmy, Stéphane Dufort, Colette Taylor, André Chagnon, Serge Godin, Sylvie Giguère, Luc Bisaillon, Alice Dolbec, Gary Mintz, Laurent Giguère.Absent: Norman D. Hébert, Peter Howlett, Jean Lachance, André Provencher, Louise Rainville, Dorothy Reitman, Alain Thauvette.

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