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Walking through the corridors of Portage’s Mother and Child centre now feels like walking through an art gallery, thanks to the Art for Healing Foundation, which donated close to eighty pieces of art to the centre; a value of close to $50,000. A dozen of the artists who donated their artwork to the Art for Healing Foundation were invited to a vernissage at the Mother and Child centre today, to discuss their pieces with mothers who are currently undergoing residential substance abuse rehabilitation treatment at Portage.

To select the artwork that would cover their walls of their centre, the residents met several times with Mr. Earl Pinchuk, co-founder of the Art for Healing Foundation.

“We especially wanted colour and works that our children would like,” said Stephanie, a current resident at the Mother and Child Program. “Thanks to the Art for Healing Foundation, the centre is much more inviting – it warms our hearts and lifts our spirits!”

“Visual arts themselves are a type of therapy, and we are delighted that these works are able to inspire people, lift their spirits, or just make them smile,” stated Mr. Pinchuk. “The Art for Healing Foundation believes that feeding the soul gives it wings.” The co-founders of the foundation, Mr. Pinchuk and Mr. Gary Blair, are facilitators between artists who wish to donate their works and non-profit organisations that provide healthcare services.The Art for Healing Foundation has also donated artwork to Portage’s Mentally Ill Chemical Abusers (MICA) Program.

“We are very proud of the collaboration that we have developed with Mr. Pinchuk, of the interest that the Art for Healing Foundation has shown in our organisation, and especially for how it has contributed to the the well-being of our residents,“ said Mr. Peter Howlett, President of Portage. “Undertaking a residential substance abuse rehabilitation treatment is a courageous decision that forces our residents to question their behaviour and analyse the issues that led them to addiction. Living in an environment that is decorated with with works of art can make their stay at Portage more relaxing, and we are very grateful to the Art for Healing Foundation for this contribution.”

About the Art for Healing Foundation
The Art for Healing Foundation is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to integrate the healing power of art in hospitals and other care centres, transforming these places into inspiring environments that provide patients, their families, and caregivers a sense of hope and serenity through the beauty of the works. Since 2002, the Foundation has installed 6,500 pieces of art in 42 Montréal institutions, as well as three in Ontario, two in British Columbia, and one in Newfoundland. For more information on the Foundation, visit www.artforhealingfoundation.org.

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