About Portage


Since October 2013, all those who are on the waiting list for Portage’s residential drug addiction rehabilitation program for adults at lac Écho are benefiting from support and preparation services at Portage’s Day Centre in Montréal.

The Day Centre services had always been offered in Montréal, but in 2010, Portage had to temporarily close the centre due to budget cuts.

Now running at full capacity, the service welcomes clients three days a week, from 10 am to 4 pm, for group meetings, workshops, and individual support. The goal is to maintain the client’s motivation while they are on the waiting list and to help them get used to the structure of Portage’s therapeutic community before they head up to the Laurentians for their six-month stay at the lac Écho centre.

“The pre-admission services offered at the Day Centre serve an important purpose,” explains Portage’s Executive Director Peter Vamos. “They help the person move from the contemplative phase to the commitment phase. With a strong preparation phase, the likelihood of early termination diminishes.”