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On August 4th 2010, three young children of the Mother and Child Program’s day care centre and two case workers went to visit the staff members at Portage Lac Écho to tell them about their trip to Québec City at the end of September. They also had a little bake sale for the staff, selling cookies that they had made the night before at the Mother and Child centre.

One of the children, who had been at the Mother and Child centre for last year’s trip to Québec City, told the Lac Écho staff members about how much she had enjoyed her experience and showed them some pictures. Another child told them about their other initiatives to raise money for the Québec City trip, such as a car wash and a bake sale with cookies, muffins, brownies, etc. They then presented a short video about the various activities that they do at La Ribambelle.

It was very brave of these young children to speak in front of a dozen adults that they had never met before. They did a great job and were very proud of themselves.

The staff members at Lac Écho were very touched by the children’s visit and the Mother and Child Centre is very appreciative of their generosity.

A Portage staff member buys a cookie from the visitors from La Ribambelle.

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