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This past December, the children at Portage’s Mother and Child centre learned the importance of giving to the less fortunate. Through a foundation that sponsors children from underprivileged regions of Montréal, the Mother and Child centre selected a three year old named William, for whom they and the children would help make Christmas a bit brighter.

The staff members explained to the young children at the Mother and Child centre that William and his family do not have much money. They made the children realise how lucky they are that they would each be getting a gift from Santa Claus and another from their mothers, whereas William would not be getting any gifts at all without their help.

Rising to the challenge, the children set to work baking cookies with their teachers, which they sold to Mother and Child staff members and to their mothers. With the money they collected, the centre was able to go buy William the Flash McQueen gifts that he had put on his wish list. They were given to William by the foundation at their Christmas party.

The experience taught the children about the values of generosity and altruism and was greatly appreciated by all who participated.

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