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Throughout the months of March and April, the children of the Barbapapas group at Portage’s Mother and Child centre participated in an around-the-world-tour activity. The children and their teachers pretended to board the airplane and check in with friendly customs agents to visit fifteen different countries. The children now know the ins and outs of travelling on a plane, including how to check their bags, what to do at customs, and how to get their passport stamped.

The Barbapapas group was lucky enough to travel in business class with “Ribambelle Airways”.

A map of the world was displayed in the Day Care so that the children could see where they were going.

The first stop was Egypt, where the children enjoyed a delicious Egyptian meal.

In Egypt, a mysterious Pharaoh awaited the children.

During a stop in Morocco, the children examined Berber and Moroccan objects and learned how to say “Thank you” in Arabic: “Shoukran”.  One of the teachers at the Mother and Child centre, originally from Morocco, treated the children to a traditional Moroccan lunch, introducing them to new delicious tastes and flavours.

The third stop was Mali. One of the teachers who had spent three months in the country told the children stories about her experiences. She taught them a few Bambaran words and showed them some photos and some items that she had brought home with her. The group then had a meal in the Malian tradition, seated on the floor around a plate of food, eating only with their right hands.

Once they arrived in Asia, the children learned how to use chopsticks. They all greatly enjoyed a Thai meal.

In Japan, there are many original game shows where contestants have to do all sorts of crazy challenges. Here, the children enjoyed the wacky challenge of catching a grape hanging from a fishing pole with their tongues!

In Japan, the children learned how to make sushi, which they later devoured at lunch time!  For all sushi orders, please call the Barbapapas group at the Ribambelle!

After a good sushi lunch, what could be better than a sumo wrestling match?!!

During Chinese Festivals, the children were careful not to get trampled by a dragon!

The next stop was China! The children and their teachers went to Montréal’s Chinatown, where they discovered fruits and vegetables, smells and tastes that they had never before experienced.

No better way to end a trip to China than lunch at a Chinese restaurant. The children got to practice their chopstick skills again.

After a month and a half of travels, the children came back to Québec with their heads and hearts full of great memories!

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