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The employees at Portage – both clinical and administrative – are at the very heart of the organisation’s mission, contributing immensely every day to the rehabilitation process of our residents. Portage is very proud of the quality of its personnel at the Portage centres across Canada, many of whom have been with the organisation for a long time.

In 2010, Portage established an Employee Recognition Program, to celebrate and show appreciation for the dedication and hard work of its employees. The program recognises staff members who have been carrying out the Portage mission for over five years, marking each five year anniversary with a commemorative pin.

Given that it is the first year of the program, all staff members with at least five years of service were recognised. Fifty-seven staff members have devoted more than five years to Portage, twenty-eight have provided more than ten years of service, eighteen have provided more than fifteen years, eight have provided more than twenty years, two have provided more than twenty years, one has provided more than thirty years, and one has provided more than thirty-five years (our Executive Director, Mr. Peter Vamos).

Special ceremonies were held in all Portage establishments to honour these people. Whether it was a special lunch, a cake with the residents, a dinner with the entire community, or an intimate ceremony, all the employees felt truly appreciated. In the centres where the employee recognition was shared with the residents, the ceremonies had a big impact on the residents, who greatly admire the staff members for their devotion to Portage’s mission.

The largest of the employee recognition ceremonies was held at Portage’s Head Office in Montréal, where thirty-three staff members were recognised. During Portage’s Annual General Meeting that night, Portage’s Governors also enthusiastically applauded the achievements of these employees.


The staff members who were recognised at Portage’s Head Office in Montréal

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