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A recent study by Portage’s Research Department demonstrates that a great majority of Portage Atlantic graduates are maintaining their sobriety and are successfully reintegrating back into their communities.

Portage Atlantic surveyed 109 youth who departed the Cassidy Lake rehabilitation treatment centre between July 2, 2011 and June 30, 2012, and who had been out of treatment for at least 60 days. Of the 60% who were reached and completed the self-report survey by telephone, 74.8% of respondents reported complete abstinence. Furthermore, 81% of respondents are either employed or back at school.

An integral part of the rehabilitation process at Portage is the preparation for reintegration back into mainstream society, where the youth may once again be confronted by the negative influences and triggers that had cause their substance abuse issues in the first place. Throughout their time at Portage, residents acquire tools to be able to identify these triggers, and they develop the strength and confidence to withstand them. As they prepare for their departure, residents develop an exit strategy with their case manager, outlining a plan for school, work, recreational activities, and aftercare contact with Portage. These exit strategies encourage the youth to maintain the structured lifestyle that they became accustomed to at Portage, which will help keep them on track.

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