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Summer is finally here and the school holiday schedule is in full swing with lots of fun activities for the male and the female communities at the Cassidy Lake substance abuse rehabilitation centre for youth.

Horseback riding lessons for Portage Atlantic residents have been taking place at the local Clover Hill Farm throughout the months of June and July. Just a one kilometre bike ride away, residents have been greatly enjoying their one hour riding lessons with instructor Melanie Homeney.

Archery lessons are being offered onsite to both communities throughout July and August by an expert instructor and Zumba classes are being given to the female community by qualified instructors from the local Lifestyles Health and Fitness Studios.

Residents enjoy playing basketball, capture the flag, European handball, soccer, soccer baseball, swimming & canoeing (with Cassidy Lake counselor Neil Laking as Lifeguard & Instructor), softball, volleyball, hiking/walks, relay races, and ball hockey.

Camping and overnight groups have also been organised, for a change of pace and scenery.

In addition to their long list of summer activities, residents participate in a series of open discussion groups on such topics as: Jobs and Responsibilities, Tools of Therapy, Responsibility of a Peer Support, Bullying, Conflict Resolution, Hurts and Pains, Relationships, Media/Social Networks, Sober Fun/Activities, and Outside Supports.

For those who are motivated and interested in continuing their school work throughout the summer, the centre’s Educational Coordinator, Randy Davis, volunteers several hours of his time throughout the summer months to work with the youth.

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