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The group of children aged three to five years at the Mother and Child centre went on several exciting excursions in 2011, including a camping trip to Oka, a day at the Musée pour Enfants in Laval, and a trip by train to Québec City.

On their camping trip, the children made the most of the nice summer weather, playing in the water on the beach, discovering new wild animals in the woods, and watching the stars at night around a camp fire. Though they greatly enjoyed their adventure, they were very excited to see their mothers again after being away for three days!

During their trip to Québec City, the children enjoyed a ride in a cable car and on the Québec-Levis ferry. They visited Old Québec City, the Musée de la civilisation, and they enjoyed a picnic on the Plains of Abraham.

At the Musée pour Enfants, the children learned what it is like to work in a host of different professions, including teacher, veterinarian, firefighter, farmer, police officer, actor, astronaut, and cashier. They really enjoyed the interactive experience, adapted specially for young children.

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