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In the field of addiction treatment, the needs of clients are continually evolving. To manage the changing landscape, Portage has been adapting its service offering over the years and providing new training and development opportunities to its staff members in order to comply with best practices. Most recently, Portage Atlantic staff members participated in a training session with Corrections Canada called Becoming Trauma Informed.  It was an extension to a training program attended by Program Manager, Katrina Schwetz, at New Brunswick Youth Career Connections Program (NBYCC) last year entitled Women’s Centered Training.

“The Becoming Trauma Informed training session helped us to understand the significance of being aware of our interventions with those who have experienced trauma in the past, in order to avoid further trauma or damage,” explained Katrina.  “It has reminded us that we must be careful with our approach by being mindful of triggers, behaviours, and their own insight regarding how they think, and how they react in certain situations.”

Cassidy Lake staff received another training session this spring from colleagues from Montréal on how to use the GAIN assessment method for treatment planning.

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