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On November 6, 2011, Portage honoured the seventy-six people who had completed their substance abuse rehabilitation programs in the past year at the Portage centres in Québec City and in Saint-Malachie. The Recognition Ceremony, which was held at the Grand Théâtre, in Québec City, also recognised those who had completed Portage’s Employment Reintegration Program. The graduates celebrated their success with family and friends, Portage staff members, and other friends of Portage.

There were many touching moments throughout the ceremony, including a testimonial by a graduate of the treatment program for adults, one by a graduate of the Employment Reintegration Program, and one by the mother of a graduate of the Saint-Malachie program for adolescents.

“At Portage, we learned to confront our fears, identify the emotions and feelings that caused them, and find ways to overcome the difficulties that have held us back for so long,” said one graduate. “The Portage family has shown us how we can recreate ourselves into to the people we want to be, all the while preparing us to face the challenges of daily life.”

Graduates proudly accepted their diplomas as testaments to their efforts and determination throughout the rehabilitation process. After a long and difficult struggle with addiction, the Recognition Ceremony is a place for graduates to celebrate their victory with their loved ones, who have supported them along the way.

“For us, the graduates of Portage, the world is ours. What was once inaccessible is now within our reach, and what we once considered obstacles are now challenges to work through. Setbacks have become learning exercises. I wish us all long and happy lives and may we all fully enjoy this new freedom from addiction.”

Congratulations to all of the graduates and their families for this remarkable achievement.

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