About Portage


Once again this year, the residents of Portage Saint-Malachie played the role of biologists while participating in an activity to preserve the species of the Etchemin River.

Under the supervision of Lise Brassard (Portage) and the Etchemin River Safeguarding Group, they raised trouts in a special culture tank located at their Portage centre. From supervising the eggs’ progress to cleaning the tank, they raised and fed the fishes until they were released into the river.

Throughout the project, residents of Portage were offered lessons on river ecosystem protection and developed better appreciation for their surrounding environment.

The adolescents also spent a day at Mont-Orignal, where they cleaned up the trails of all debris and pollutants. This volunteer work was followed by a generous reward: a day of free skiing at the mountain, next winter.

These activities helped them understand the meaning of some of the the 21 competencies of Portage’s.