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At the beginning of October, Portage Elora residents went on several outdoor rock climbing day trips. The trips were such a hit with the residents that the centre’s Outward Bound Coordinator subsequently created an indoor rock climbing program for the winter months. Here are some resident testimonials:

“At first I got very mad that I wasn’t able to do it very well but then I decided to push myself and managed to go way passed where I thought I would get. I felt a rush when I made it that was way better than doing drugs.” – Taylor

“It was honestly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I pushed through my trust issues and was there to support and help my peers conquer their own fears” – Cassie

“Reaching my goals makes me feel really good about myself, especially being sober. The benefits of climbing for me are that I conquered my fear of heights and it builds muscle. I gained trust with other residents because they basically had my life in their hands.” – Tristan

“I had a great time climbing. I learned that I am very determined to reach my goals. It helped me to realise that there is more to life than drugs. I plan on going on my own time.” – Keith

“Rock climbing was so fun. It made me feel amazing when I couldn’t do a wall at first but then eventually I would get it, I felt really good about myself.” – Mike


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