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Physical activity benefits both body and mind and is an important part of the treatment program at Cassidy Lake. The extracurricular activities offered at the centre help residents get some exercise, develop new interests, and put into practice the competencies that they are learning at Portage.

Most of the girls’ community, as well as some staff members, have been greatly enjoying Zumba classes, taught at Cassidy Lake by the Lifestyles Fitness centre in Hampton. Zumba is an extremely popular dance-based exercise class, set to the beat of Latin music. Initially offered at no cost, the Zumba program is now “dancing” full steam ahead thanks to the generosity of donors.

The Judo Program, established in 2008, continues to be extremely popular in the boys’ community. The therapeutic benefits of the program are not lost on participants.

“Judo makes me feel great,” states one. “Not only does it help me relieve stress, but it also teaches self-control and discipline, which I can apply to everyday life.”

After three months, participants can earn their first belt, which they are awarded at a special ceremony.

“It’s a huge accomplishment for me and has taught me a lot about persistence,” said a resident at a recent belt ceremony. “I plan to continue Judo after my program at Cassidy Lake, to keep myself busy and active.”

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