Recovery day in Quebec - Portage graduate


On September 19, Portage and MIRE (Movement for Integration and Retention in Employment) joined other addiction rehabilitation organisations for Montréal’s first Recovery Day, celebrating all those who have overcome drug addiction and taken back control of their lives.

Twenty-four Canadian cities participated in Recovery Day this year, three years after the movement began in Canada. The initiative seeks to encourage recovered addicts to speak proudly about the transformation they have made in their lives, while highlighting the importance of addiction rehabilitation treatment and inspiring people to seek the help they need to take back control of their lives.

Portage representatives also participated in Recovery Day rallies in Fredericton and Toronto, lending a voice to the call to end the stigma around addiction.

Portage has been celebrating recovery from addiction for over forty years, since its first addiction rehabilitation centre was opening in 1973 in Prévost, Québec.