Every three months, Portage’s Lac Écho drug rehabilitation centre recognizes the excellent work of its staff. Last quarter, adult program counsellor Pascal Down and youth program counsellor Olivier Babin were recognized by their peers for their work at the Lac Écho campus.  “It’s important to acknowledge the commitment, involvement and passion employees bring to their work every day,” states Caroline Gélinas, Director of the Lac Écho campus

All together for the community

Portage is proud to have employees like Pascal and Olivier in its community and wishes to thank all those who contribute daily to the well-being of its clients.

One Response to “Two Lac Écho Employees Honoured by Their Peers”

  1. Lucio

    I just hope they keep being honest because when I started my program in 30 seot 1991 there were good staff members like Gerry lecker God rest his soul but others I heard ended up disappointing portage also I’d like to say that on the 30th of Sept 2021 it will be 30 years clean and sober no cocaine no alcohol nothing and I wish to thank portage for giving me the tools to accomplish this hi to Mike nicodemo hi to Karen and hi to everyone it’s a wonderful world stay safe everyone and don’t give up Lucio graduated 12 seot 1993


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