As part of Drug Addiction Prevention Week, Portage’s Mother-Child Centre welcomed its partners to an open door event.

More than fifty partners were in attendance to learn more about the Mother-Child program. They were welcomed by the mothers, who took them on a tour of the facility and told them about their lives. All were impressed by the quality of the program offered at the centre. ” It’s really impressive to see the logistics and extent of the work accomplished both by the residents and the staff, ˝ commented one of the guests.

” Hosting open door events is important because they’re an opportunity for our partners to get to know our centre, ˝ explains Geneviève Minville, Director of the Mother-Child program.

At the event, a resident who was just finishing her residential program talked about her experience with a great deal of emotion. ” Portage renewed my confidence in myself and now I feel ready to continue along the right path. I haven’t been this happy in a long time. ˝

The young woman’s mother also spoke, congratulating her daughter and expressing her gratitude towards the staff of the Mother-Child centre.

The mother-child program is now in its twentieth year. It welcomes 25 mothers with children 0 to 5 years old. The program allows mothers with an addiction problem to enter a rehabilitation program without being separated from their children. Mother and child receive the support they need in order to move forward and achieve their goals.

The program allows for the family unit to stay together and helps women strengthen their bond with their children, while addressing issues such as drug addiction, their role as a parent, isolation, health care, family and interpersonal relationships.

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