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The event that inspires a new life

Montreal, October 5, 2014 – Today, Portage honored the new graduates who overcame their addiction this year at one of its Greater Montréal treatment centres. The annual Recognition Ceremony was held at the Place des Arts Théâtre Maisonneuve, to highlight the achievement of the 169 graduates celebrating the new healthy and positive life they are embarking upon.

Parents, friends and relatives gathered for this emotionally-charged afternoon to watch diplomas being presented to the graduates of five Portage programs: the Lac Écho Adolescent Program, the Lac Écho Adult Program, the West Island Adolescent Program, the Program for men suffering from mental illness (MICA) and the Mother and Child Program. Each graduate received an official diploma, underlining the achievement of his or her therapy process.

Portage President Peter A. Howlett and Executive Director Peter Vamos stressed Portage’s raison d’être, thanked their employees, and evidenced their pride in the graduates. “Each year, this event reminds us why we have chosen this work! We are so proud to see how far our graduates have come since first entering a Portage centre,” remarked Peter Howlett.

They also applauded the efforts of the adults, adolescents and mothers who completed their respective programs. “The rehabilitation process is full of pitfalls; by adopting the positive lifestyle encouraged at Portage, our graduates can finally hope to flourish! Congratulations! added Peter Vamos.

The ceremony was interspersed with testimonials and musical performances by graduates and alumni who have maintained a healthy, positive lifestyle. Alexandre, a graduate of the program for men suffering from mental illness (MICA program) accompanied by his father Daniel, attested to his personal progress at Portage and was quite proud of how far he had come.

Jonathan Ferland,graduate from the Lac Écho Adult Program, with Peter A. Howlett, Portage President.