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An independent organization with established standards to ensure the quality and safety of health care, Accreditation Canada makes an evaluation of health organizations in Canada and worldwide.

For the past several years, Portage has cooperated with Accreditation Canada to validate the quality and safety of its services. The visit of the Accreditation Canada team to nine of our eleven centres took place during the week of June 12 to 16, to perform the assessment of our administrative, clinical and organizational practices.

We are currently waiting for Accreditation Canada’s final decision. However, the first comments expressed by the team at the end of their visit leave no doubt as to the quality and safety of our services and the ensuing renewal of our accreditation. The visitors have particularly highlighted the key strengths of our organization, such as:

  • the quality of the welcoming and admission processof our clientele, particularly the improvement made to support youth services in Québec;
  • the tailored services to clients and their family;
  • the embodiment of our values of dignity, respect and safety by all personnel members and Board of Trustees;
  • the management of communications;
  • the management of finance and, finally
  • the emergency measures plan.

A lengthy preparation was necessary to meet Accreditation Canada’s requirements of excellence and Portage wishes to congratulate all of its employees, as well as the people responsible for the accreditation in each of the centres, for their dedication and involvement. Thank you for the great work!