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New program for psychological abuse and sexual assault victims with psychoactive substance dependency problems

Established in April and financed by the Bureau d’aide aux victimes d’actes criminels, the project seeks to better understand the needs of clients with psychoactive substance dependency problems and who are victims of psychological abuse and sexual assault.

The project, newly introduced at the Portage Day Centre in Quebec City, includes several components:

A research paper will be written on the project under the supervision of Marie France Maranda and Jonas Masdonati, both research associates at the Centre de recherches et d’intervention sur l’éducation et la vie au travail. This paper, to be authored by Karine Cloutier, will attempt to establish a profile of the clientele while assessing the consequences of abuse and how they impact victims’ daily lives and compromise their chances at professional success.

Clinical Sexologist Isabelle Proulx is animating weekly group sessions at the Portage centre and supervising and coaching Portage staff members so that they will be able to effectively deal with the various forms of abuse experienced by their clients. Ariane Lemay Lafontaine will be implementing self assertion and self esteem programs at the centre, which will include theoretical presentations and practical integration exercises.

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