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Portage’s addiction rehabilitation centres are in the process of preparing for a visit from Accreditation Canada, which will take place in June 2017. The information gathered by Accreditation Canada representatives will help them to make a decision about the renewal of Portage’s accreditation status, which was last awarded following their visit in 2013.

The Accreditation Coordination Team is working diligently in collaboration with the centres to ensure that all employees are well prepared and that everything is in place for the visit.

Accreditation recognises Portage for its commitment to continuous improvement with regards to the quality and safety of its services, and how it conforms to the recognised standards in drug addiction rehabilitation treatment: prevention and control of infections, medication management, leadership, and governance. Accreditation with Exemplary Standing, awarded during Accreditation Canada’s last evaluation in 2013, signifies that Portage has demonstrated excellence in its compliance with the requirements of the accreditation program.