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Representatives from Portage Saint-Malachie’s residential centre for adolescents are constantly working on building links in the community and in the region to create better awareness about the substance abuse rehabilitation services provided at the centre.  Throughout the fall months, Portage Saint-Malachie representatives welcomed visitors to the centre and went out to visit interested stakeholders.

Among these visits:

  • A service agreement was signed between Portage Saint-Malachie and the Saguenay Lac Saint-Jean addiction rehabilitation centre, which enables free access to Portage’s rehabilitation program to youth and their families in the region.
  • Meeting and information sessions with drug addiction representatives at different centres, including the Youth Centre in Lévis, SQUAT Québec, a transition house for street kids, and DOMRÉMY, a non-profit organisation that helps adolescents with substance
    abuse issues to find housing and reintegrate back into the community.
  • Addiction counsellors from l’ESTRAN, a drug addiction rehabilitation centre in Bas-Saint-Laurent spent the day at Portage to learn about the therapeutic community and to get a better understanding of the services being offered.
  • Portage Saint-Malachie welcomed the regional customer service directors from the Agence de santé et services sociaux de la Capitale-Nationale for a visit. Almost half of the residents at Portage Saint-Malachie come from Québec City.
  • Many other groups and organisations visited the centre to get to know Portage better and to discuss possible partnerships, including l’ARCHE le printemps and maison Dauphine.
  • Carrefour jeunesse emploi visited the Saint-Malachie centre to present its services to the youth, giving them ideas and plans for the future, once they have completed their residential therapy.
  • Portage representatives also hit the road to present the program to the Alliance jeunesse Rive-Sud, as well as to managers of the network of Youth Centres in Bas-Saint-Laurent.

For more information about Portage Saint-Malachie’s drug addiction rehabilitation centre for adolescents, please contact us.

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