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The building and renovations at the Portage Saint-Malachie’s new centre are nearly complete, the site now featuring two modern pavilions. Residents are greatly appreciating the new spacious and functional set-up, a secure and comfortable environment in which to get well. New areas have been designed to further help residents expand their personal development horizons while they focus on their substance abuse rehabilitation.

In collaboration with the commission scolaire de la Côte-du-sud, Portage Saint-Malachie will soon have an Employment Preparation Room, which will help orient residents towards future career possibilities. Several different interactive stations will teach them about professions as diverse as architecture, plumbing, electrical maintenance, mechanics, information systems, civil engineering, masonry, among others.

Another exciting new feature of the new centre is a brand-new exercise training room, equipped with the latest machines. A physical education instructor will be working with each resident to create an individualised physical conditioning program to help residents learn and appreciate the importance of maintaining a healthy body. This winter, residents will also have the opportunity to work on their physical fitness outdoors, as Portage Saint-Malachie is currently working to finish setting up an area for a hockey rink this winter.

Among other new features of the centre, some rooms have been set-up for the projection of documentaries and films, to further enrich clinical discussions, and the Portage Academy classrooms have been redone for a more stimulating academic environment. All Portage Saint-Malachie residents attend school regularly and have access to laptops, which give them a more interactive academic experience at Portage Academy.

At Portage Saint-Malachie, we accept new admissions on a continuous basis. Our Admissions Officer, Nathalie Simard, would be pleased to answer any questions that you may have on our services, offered free of charge to residents of Eastern Québec.  Please contact us for more information.


Portage Saint-Malachie’s new fitness room

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