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A New Chapter Begins for the Portage Program for Anglophone Youth Fighting Drug Addiction

Portage is relocating today its residential program for Anglophone Youth fighting drug addiction to its beautiful centre of Lac Echo, in the Laurentians, where new accommodations, academic and recreational spaces were constructed.

Nearly 15 years ago, the Québec ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux requested that Portage locate its Anglophone Residential Program in the West Island. Due to the fact that the occupancy agreement was coming to an end with the owner of the actual site, Portage was obliged to find a new site that can accommodate its residents.

The Portage program is firmly rooted in the Montreal Anglophone community. The youth fighting addiction, their parents, Portage employees and former residents were very concerned about the future of the program and the impact of its relocation to the Laurentians. In response to these concerns, Portage will set up an office in Pointe-Claire. Scheduled to open at the beginning of 2015, the office will welcome persons who are seeking help, and process admissions before youth are sent to the lac Echo centre in the Laurentians. The office will also welcome youth receiving aftercare services and provide support for families.

“Amidst the flurry of activity at this festive time of year, Portage would like to take a moment to thank all its partners for their unwavering support over the last thirteen years. Your help and dedication have made a very real difference in the lives of the approximately 1000 youth who have stayed with us at the Beaconsfield centre. We will forever be grateful for your supportˮ, added M. Howlett. Portage will invite you soon to a little ceremony in our new office in Pointe-Claire but, in the meantime, we wanted to share with you these news, and offer you our heartfelt wishes for the Holiday Season.

About Portage

Since 1973, Portage has helped thousands of substance abusers overcome their addiction. The organization offers a variety of services tailored to the needs of its resident adults, adolescents, substance-dependent mothers with young children, pregnant women suffering from drug addiction and mentally ill substance abusers. Portage operates eight substance abuse treatment centres in Quebec: in Montreal, Beaconsfield, Prévost (Laurentians), Québec City and Saint-Malachie (Chaudières-Appalaches). Other establishments serve the populations of Ontario, British Columbia and Atlantic Canada.