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Portage-Québec’s first Employee Excellence Gala took place on June 14, 2011. Staff members dressed in their best to come out for this special evening that recognised them for the dedication and enthusiasm that they bring to their work every day.
Many employees received awards for their devotion and involvement in Portage’s cause. Among them:

  • Mira Tremblay Laprise received the award for the most creative personality of the year, because of her original ideas and creative solutions.
  • Marie-Josée Gignac took home three trophies from the gala, including the award for “Surpassing Oneself,” for “Taking initiative with youth projects,” and for “Youth Leader 2011.” A young woman with the wind in her sails!
  • Émilie St-Onge was rewarded for her environmentally-friendly actions.
  • Caroline Bédard, Assistant Director, won several prizes for her ability to establish good working group dynamics.
  • Stéphanie Guimont received a statue for his self-mastery.
  • Nancy Mailly was honoured as a creative, professional, and original employee, who takes charge of many different events for program participants and staff members alike.
  • François Thibaudeau was recognised for his professionalism and the initiatives he takes that make him stand out. He was named the heart of Portage-Québec for 2011.
  • Caroline Bédard and Stéphane Guimont were names Woman and Man of the Year.

The Employee Excellence Gala was very well received by all participants, and will be back again next year!

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