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The adult communities at Portage’s addiction rehabilitation centre in Prévost are now enjoying monthly talent shows thanks to an initiative by current residents. The most recent one, which took place on May 3, was organised and managed by residents Gavin and Jeff-François. They arranged for the rehearsal and production of the show, and coordinated the audio-visual, lighting, and rentals, to create a visually stunning and highly entertaining show.

Residents did not disappoint with their performances of songs, poetry, and stand up comedy, “proving once again,” said co-producer Gavin, “that many people that come in and out of places like Portage are often very creative, talented, inspiring musicians and artists.”

One of the social competencies taught at Portage is the ability to take initiative. This talent show series is a great example of what residents can achieve as they acquire these skills.

Residents and staff members alike are anxiously anticipating the next show.

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