About Portage


From May 5th – 11th, males from the Portage Elora program participated in an extended Outward Bound Canada expedition. Over the course of a 7 day long canoe trip in the beautiful Algonquin Provincial Park, 9 youth were able to test the skills they have learned at Portage in the Canadian wilderness.

In addition to learning how to steer and paddle a canoe, the youth learned how to cook over an open fire, build wilderness shelters, sail using a group tarp, and survive with a minimal amount of personal items. They also had some time on their own and each youth successfully completed a solo portage (the longest portage being 3 km) and survived a 24-hour solo. Over the course of a week, they faced challenging weather, worked together as a team, and had time to appreciate their natural surroundings.
As many of the youth will attest to, the expedition was a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Here is what some of the Portage youth had to say regarding their experience:
“The best part of the trip was the ”alone time” we’ve had. I really got to find myself and it showed me that I am truly capable of what I set my mind to do. The hardest part of this experience was completing all of the canoe portages and learning self-control.” 

“The best part of my Outward Bound experience was seeing the end result to all my hard work and being able to share it with the ones beside me. It’s definitely life changing. I would do it again.” 

“One thing I learned on my Outward Bound trip was how to turn the “quit switch” off and pursue my goals.”

“I had an awesome time on Outward Bound! Even though I had a fear of water, I still had a wonderful time with my Portage family. The best part of Outward Bound is bonding with all of my peers.” 

“The part that I liked the most was the nature appreciation we did every morning. One thing I will always remember is the bond with people and Dave (my instructor), who did put his arms deep in the swampy leach water to look for my wet shoe! Overall the trip was really good and I enjoyed it.”