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On Wednesday, February 26, 2014, residents at the Portage Elora addiction rehabilitation centre proudly wore the hand-made tie-dyed pink anti-bullying t-shirts that they had made the day before, in support of the annual Anti-Bullying Speak Out Day. 

 In preparation for Pink Shirt Day, the girls’ community spent an afternoon doing a workshop on bullying. They got a better understanding about what bullying is and its effects on people, such as the link between bullying and suicide rates.  The workshop was an opportunity to reflect on past experiences in which they may have been a victim, bully, or a bystander, and gave them the chance to talk it out with the community.

In addition to wearing their pink shirts on Pink Shirt Anti-Bullying Day, the community of residents at Portage Elora also created pink commitment cards, outlining their commitment to change.  In the evening they watched the Speak-Out Anti-Bullying video, about a boy who was bullied and committed suicide as a result.  The students at his school wore pink shirts in his honour, and the annual Anti-Bullying Speak Out Day began.
The youth in treatment really appreciated the opportunity to celebrate Pink Shirt Day and to be able to have an open discussion around bullying and its effects.