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Joining health and addiction rehabilitation organisations across the country, Portage celebrated Canada’s second annual Recovery Day on September 8, 2013. Portage Ontario staff members and graduates attended Recover Day rallies in Ottawa and Toronto, and one of the graduates, invited up by the mayor of Ottawa, spoke proudly to the crowd about his journey from addiction to recovery at Portage Elora. He was enthusiastically applauded for his eight months and two weeks of sobriety, and stated that without Portage, he may not have made it.

Ottawa and Toronto were among the twelve cities across Canada that recognised September 8 as Recovery Day. The initiative seeks to encourage recovered addicts to speak proudly about the transformation they have made in their lives, while highlighting the importance of addiction rehabilitation treatment and inspiring people to seek the help they need to take back control of their lives. Portage representatives attended Recovery Day rallies in Vancouver and Fredericton as well, lending their voice to the call to end the stigma around addiction. Portage Ontario representatives set up at a booth at both events, where they answered people’s questions about the residential drug addiction rehabilitation centre for youth at Portage Elora, and networked with other organisations in the field of addiction and mental health treatment.

Every year during the month of September, hope for recovery from addiction is celebrated throughout the province of Ontario. Addictions and Mental Health Ontario coordinate the Addiction Recovery Awareness Month campaign, which seeks to spread the message that help is available to people who are suffering from addiction issues, and that they too can turn their lives around by seeking drug addiction rehabilitation treatment.

Portage has been celebrating freedom from addiction for over forty years since its first substance abuse rehabilitation centre was opened in Prévost, Québec in 1973. Since then, Portage’s Canadian addiction rehabilitation program has expanded into Ontario, Atlantic Canada, and British Columbia, and now offers specialised therapeutic treatment programs for adolescents, adults, mothers with young children, people with mental illness, and aboriginal communities.

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