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On February 6, 2013 Matthew and Jill Standish and Doug and Nancy Chamberlain hosted an Awareness Evening in support of Portage Ontario. The evening event took place at Matthew and Jill Standish’s beautiful home in the west end of Toronto.

The Awareness Evening brought together over 40 guests including parents, educators, healthcare providers, and business professionals, to raise awareness about the important work being done at the Portage Ontario addiction rehabilitation centre to help Ontario youth in crisis to overcome their substance abuse problems.

Matthew Standish, Co-Chair of Portage Ontario’s fundraising campaign this year, welcomed guests and explained the importance of the Portage Ontario program.  Michael Howlett, Chair of the Portage Ontario regional board, also addressed the guests and spoke of Portage’s forty year history, its exceptional success rate, and the positive impact the Portage Elora program has had on Ontario youth. Following that, Travis, a young man who is currently undergoing residential rehabilitation treatment at Portage Elora, gave a heartfelt speech about his life and the many things he has learned while in treatment at Portage.

After the speeches, guests had the opportunity to mingle and to speak with Portage staff members, board members, and Travis, to learn more about the Portage Program.  Guests were encouraged to spread the word about Portage Ontario, to get involved through volunteering or committee involvement, to attend an upcoming fundraising event such as Hit the Bricks, or to make a financial donation to the Portage Ontario Youth Treatment Fund.

The event was graciously catered by Jill Veale, a Portage Ontario board member.  Once again Jill donated her time and skill making a vast assortment of delicious appetizers.

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