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At the beginning of March, a film teacher from CEGEP Saint-Jérôme visited the Portage centre in Prévost, near lac Écho to lead the adolescent residents in a seminar on cinema and film. Philippe Lemieux spent the afternoon teaching the residents about the history of film and showing them a few short videos that were put together by his students without any budget whatsoever.

The adolescents responded very positively to the seminar, asking questions and showing a lot of enthusiasm for learning how to produce films. They were very interested in the possibility of creating a documentary during their stay at Portage, in which they could depict their learning experiences and express the emotions they are feeling throughout drug rehabilitation therapy. The case workers are encouraging the adolescents to submit proposals for such projects and will try to help them obtain the necessary equipment to carry them out.

Philippe is also organising for some of the residents who were particularly interested in the seminar to visit CEGEP Saint-Jérôme and sit in on some of his classes to get a better idea of what the cinema program is all about.

Some great projects in store for our residents!

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