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Seven adolescent Portage lac Écho residents got a taste for what CÉGEP is like as “students for a day” at CÉGEP Saint-Jérôme earlier in April. They were invited by Phillippe Lemieux, a film professor at the CÉGEP who had visited the residents in March to lead a seminar on cinema and film. The purpose of the the “student for a day” visit was to give the adolescents a sense of the CÉGEP experience and to stimulate and encourage them in their studies.

The participants really enjoyed the visit, actively participating in the class discussions. They left with a much more positive perspective about what CÉGEP could be like for them.

“I really appreciated the experience I had at the CÉGEP and I learned a lot about the film program,” said one participant. “By spending the day there I learned how the courses work and what a typical class is like. It gave me good insight into what CÉGEP will be like when I go. I found the professor and the subject matter really interesting.”

All participants were enthusiastic about the visit:

“I really appreciated the day. It gave me energy to pursue my studies and inspired me to go the CEGEP. The class and the atmosphere were so engaging – the ambiance was completely different from what I have previously experienced at school. Thank you!”

“It was captivating! I really appreciated my day at CEGEP. The class was very interesting and I learned a lot. The short film really impressed me. I’d go back any time!”

“It was a very constructive activity, which gave me a boost for the end of the school year. I learned a lot from the experience and was really interested in the subject matter. The visit gave me a great insight into a possible academic path for my future.”

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