About Portage


Montreal, December 1, 2014 – For the very first time, Portage is proud to take part in the Giving Tuesday movement, a national day dedicated to charitable donations and volunteering.

Above and beyond the Holiday sales period, this is an opportunity to celebrate and encourage charitable organizations. “Portage urges people to join the movement in order to give and encourage mutual assistance, whether by making a donation or volunteering, helping a neighbour or spreading the word,” emphasizes Seychelle Harding, Director of Communications at Portage.

By joining the movement, Portage wishes to thank its volunteers from across Canada for their mobilization and dedication to the mission of Portage. Without the help of charitable clubs, businesses and individuals, as well as the dedication of its Board of Directors and regional boards, Portage could not pursue its mission of helping substance abusers regain control of their lives.

Money to help fund programs

Treatments are funded in large part by the ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux, but to pursue its mission and meet ever-increasing service requests, Portage needs the support of the private sector. The Portage Foundation raises money from private sources, thanks to funding and awareness activities to help fund its programs.Last year, over 10,000 partners in 43 countries supported the Giving Tuesday movement. Over 1,300 Canadian charities, charitable organizations, foundations, groups and businesses gave life to the movement. Together, these organizations led an unprecedented campaign in the name of generosity, in which millions of Canadians have taken part.

To make a donation, please visit: fondationportage.ca