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Participating in volunteer activities while in residential treatment is an important part of preparing for social reintegration. Here’s a first-hand account of a volunteer experience from a 17-year old Portage Elora resident.

In July, six residents volunteered their time to help build bicycles that would be sent to Africa for the less fortunate. During the activity, we discussed how we enjoy giving back to the community vs. taking from it. We had a great time communicating with the team, socializing and overall just helping a good cause.


We were informed that for the people that this charity reaches out to, their lives have improved because they now have transportation.


We were touched by the story of an elderly woman who lived a three-day walk from her son. Someone else in the community who had received a bike took her this journey for just 75 cents, then camped and waited to take her home. This was just one of many stories of how this charity has changed lives.


We had a really amazing day volunteering and I can’t wait to do it again.

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