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From January 16th to 20th, a group of graduating Portage Elora residents went on their Outward Bound trip to Ontario’s Algonquin Park, alternating one day of dog-sledding and one day of snowshoeing.

The residents found that dog-sledding required an important teamwork component, as the teams of two drivers quickly learned that if they did not work together, they would not get very far. The fast-pace excitement of dog-sledding was balanced by more quiet reflection on the snowshoeing days.
Many of the challenges that participants faced on this Outward Bound trip can be tied back metaphorically to their substance abuse rehabilitation process, which encourages them to put the competencies they have learned at Portage into practice.

Portage Ontario’s partnership with Outward Bound has proven to be an incredibly valuable therapeutic tool for the residents’ rehabilitation process at Portage Elora. All those who have participated in the hiking, canoeing, or dog sledding trips have been profoundly affected by the experience.

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